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Who we are

Our mission is simple; We help people make OK products.

OK Systems is a Hong Kong - Nordic company founded by industrial automation and supply chain industry experts.

We develop technology solutions to make the world's supply chains more traceable, sustainable, and manageable.

We want to live in a world where it's easy to buy, make, and maintain reliable and environmentally friendly products, so we are making it happen.

Breaking the (bad) ice

The number of global environmental regulations has grown 38-fold since 1972. a

That's a great thing, but it also makes it harder for organisations to do it all right; on time, all the time.

Consider the illustrated iceberg. It's the only iceberg you should be hoping to shrink. Everything on top is the result of what's happening under the surface.

Cost of poor quality

Repairs and returns

Loss of margin

10,000 emails

Time waste

Lack of oversight

Loss of sales

Loss of brand image

Low employee morale

Poor employee training

Over- and underproduction

Wrong inventory

No end-to-end collaboration

Ineffective work

At OK, we make this easy for you.

Add your products, documentation, and workflows. With OK labels, everything is intuitively shareable with partners and customers. Automated reports and tips makes it easy to increase your efficiency and simplify certifications.

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OK is lean, and everyone in your supply chain will be able to start collaborating in minutes. No training seminars. No consultants. No months of planning.

Our promises are as transparent as our pricing. Sign up right now and try the platform yourself, for free. 1

If you feel like having a conversation first, you are more than welcome to reach out to us.

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