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The safe and reliable operation of our own as well as every client's organisation is these times is critical and our uppermost priority. As such we have implemented a number of policies developed in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organisation as well as of relevant national health protection departments.

We have increased our customer support hours to near 24/7 availability, to provide near instant assistance around the clock, and around the globe. The team is available to organisations on any subscription tier, including free. In locales where work from home is implemented, tools have been made available to our teams to provide the same full and secure service to our customers as usual.

We have also further strengthened and ensured the stability of the OK platform, and increased our capability to respond to any outages or issues, however unlikely, with decreased response time. Our services run on the Microsoft Azure cloud architecture with close to no service disruptions.

Lastly we have implemented a strict emergency contingency plan to ensure that any swift and/or unexpected changes in policies, laws, or coworker availability will not impact your experience with the OK platform.

Luckily, supply chain managers are not adverse to unprecedented and unique challenges. Whether it be through increased remote oversight, transparency, or easier communication in supply chains, we are proud of and committed to our mission to support amazing organisations and people through, and beyond, these times.

Kristofer Thorsell

Head of data security
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